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Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the fifth grade, in room 17! My name is Mrs. Bender and this is my seventeenth year teaching fifth grade. Each year, I look forward to meeting my new students and their parents. Let's work together to make it a great year! Let me begin by saying that classroom instruction begins with the California Common Core State Standards. The website for the California Department of Education is and you should be able to find the California Common Core State Standards for each grade and subject at this site. These standards are informative as they tell you what each child across the state of California will learn about each year.


Fifth graders have many math standards to become proficient in. As a prerequisite skill to many of these standards, incoming fifth graders must know their times tables accurately and quickly. Please work with your child daily to make sure he/she does not forget the times tables.


Our science program, FOSS, is a great program which allows the kids to learn from hands-on activities that stimulate thinking. Students work in cooperative groups of about 4 students to make observations, record those observations, generate questions about their investigations, and learn science vocabulary specific to what they are learning. 


In social studies, students learn about early United States history. They learn about the Pacific Northwest, Desert Southwest, Eastern Woodland, and Great Plains Indians. They also learn about European exploration in the Americas as well as life in the colonies. Students gain an understanding of the American Revolution, usually towards the end of the year. About this time, we go on a field trip to Colonial Chesterfield at Riley's Farm. Here, students learn about life in the British colonies at the time of the American Revolution from historians/actors who engage the students in activities such as role-playing in a mock admiralty court, weaving, biscuit making, and etiquette. Everyone usually has a great time on this field trip, even when they play dead on a battle field where they participate in a reenactment of a Revolutionary War battle.


Mrs. Bender

(626)307-3318 EXT. 4437