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Committees and Councils » English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)


Collaborating with the principal and teachers in designing effective instructional programs for students to bring about high achievement is the reward for being one of the leaders on ELAC. The ELAC, as a group of elected parents, advises the principal and teachers in planning, implementing and evaluating the English Learner Program.  
The English Learner Program is designed to assist students with limited English to meet grade level standards in all core subject areas (Language Arts, Math, Science and History/Social Studies

 The ELAC is composed of not less than six (6) members.
 The membership of English Learner parents must be at least the same 
percentage as that of the English Learners at the school.
 All parents of English Learners have the opportunity to vote for the members 
 To ensure that the ELAC fulfills its function as an advisory group to the school, principal and teachers, each member has the opportunity, through an election, to fill one or more of the following positions with assigned duties and responsibilities:

a. Chairperson - presides at all ELAC meetings.
b. Vice-Chairperson - presides at all ELAC meetings in the absence of 
the Chairperson.
c. Secretary - records and disseminates minutes.
d. Two to Three (2-3) District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) representatives - attend DELAC meetings.
e. Two to Three (2-3) Asian District English Learner Advisory Committee 
(ADELAC) representatives - attend ADELAC meetings. The elected DELAC representatives automatically become members at DELAC meetings.  The elected ADELAC representatives automatically become members at ADELAC meetings. The DELAC and ADELAC meet regularly to advise the District Superintendent in planning, implementing and evaluating the District English Learner Program. 
Delegation of Responsibilities

 The ELAC may elect to formally delegate its legal responsibilities to the 
School Site Council (SSC) for a period of up to two years.