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Playground Safety

Thank you for visiting! We have much to share with you about playground safety. Bitely is a safe, respectful and responsible school because we believe in following guidelines for our actions and behaviors. Below you will find a summary of safe playground use. Please click here to review Bitely's Comprehensive Safety Plan.

⧫ Play respectfully and responsibly. If you are not sure exactly what these words mean, see an adult to guide you.
⧫ Make sure to take off all jewelry/accessories when playing on the playground equipment.
⧫ Adults should always be present when children play.
⧫ Tell an adult if playground equipment is broken, and do not play on it until it is fixed.
⧫ Safety on Swings: Sit down while you swing. Slow down before you get off of a swing. Do not walk near someone who is swinging. You could get hit if you walk too closely.
⧫ Safety on Climbers: Use both hands when you climb. Only climb on dry equipment. You could fall if it is wet.
⧫ Safety on Slides: Never climb up the front of the slide. Someone may slide down and hit you. It is safest to slide down with your feet first. Only one person should slide down at a time.