Arlene Bitely Elementary

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We love our Support Staff!
These words will undoubtedly fall short of relating how much we appreciate the dedicated individuals listed below who serve students directly/indirectly as a certificated professionals and paraprofessionals. Each one of these amazing, hard-working superstars regularly "go the extra mile" for student success whether supporting student academic achievement; physical, emotional, social health; or maintaining the structure and daily operational function  of Bitely as a whole. Our hats are off to their daily commitment to all of our "little bears" and we couldn't be prouder!
Main Office
Michelle Silva - Office Manager                                         
Margarita Perez - Office Assistant
TBA - Library Media Technician 
Micki Rios
Venessa Marquez - Health Office Asst. 
Academic Support
Eunice Cheng- Resource Specialist
Karen Ventura - Instructional Coach
Greta Smith -     Instructional Coach
Gabriela Marchionne - Instructional Coach (Weds) 
Carmen Alvizures - EL Interventionist
Home Coordinator 
Richard Su
Jorge Rodriguez
School Counselor
Nicole Castillo
Desiree Maldonado
Learning Therapists
Akrawi, Joann - Psychologist
Julie Sena - Speech/Language Pathologist     Assistants: Omidsalar, Gabriela/ Ho, June
Rene Herrera - Adaptive P.E.
Occupational Therapists
Lim, Sylvia
Toranian, Marina
Art:     Cirillo, Vanessa
            Servin, Margaret (Peggy)
Music: Edo, David
            Salas, Ann Marie
Micky Gomez - Day
Fred Olea - Night
Jose Aguilar - Night
Instructional Assistants
Gabriela Aguirre-Sanchez - Gen Ed.
Trisha Chan - Gen Ed.
Celina Chavarin - Gen Ed.
Rosalva Muro - Gen Ed
Rosa Tovar - Gen Ed.
Ballentine:  Meza, Michelle - SDC
                   Reyes, Francisco - SDC
                   Nuno, Valerie - SDC
                   Missirian, Raffi - SDC
Johnson:    Gutierrez, Cynthia - SDC
                   Lam, Susan - SDC
Abdelaziz:  Dolores Orozco - SDC
                   Lina Tam
Soto:          Batalla, Geraldine - SDC
                   Montiel, Susan - SDC
                     Ramirez, Maria Elena - SDC
Head Start Teachers                                          Head Start Aides
Sandra Camacho - Head Start                            Molly Thai
Adeline Gaw - Head Start                               Leticia De La Pena
Patricia Espinosa - Head Start                           Gabriela Garcia
Noon Duty Aides                                                    Cafeteria 
Davina Boites                                               Manager:  Felicia Van Vacter
Doreen Cota                                                 Cashier  : Maria Araiza de Enciso
Tammy Nguyen                                                                     Chavira, Jessica
Pomposa Oros                                                                      Olmos, Guadalupe
Maribel Pimienta                                                            Wai, Fanny
Arlene "Yoli" Rangel                                                              Chan, Kung
Wendy Tsang                                                                         Garcia, Virginia