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Cell phone and Personal Property Policy » Cell Phone and Personal Property Policy

Cell Phone and Personal Property Policy

Bitely elementary is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal property, including cell phones and smart watches.  We also discourage students from bringing toys, personal items, objects of value, or large sums of money (over $25).  These items can cause disruption and distraction to the instructional day.
Cell phones and smart watches may not be used by students during the instructional day 8:15AM-2:35PM.  The use of these devices includes making and/or receiving phone calls, exchanging text messages, vibrating or generating sound, playing music or video, accessing the internet, utilizing applications or social media, checking the time, capturing photographs or video, or using any other electronic function.
If a cell phone creates a disturbance in class or causes disruption during school activities, it may be confiscated by school personnel and returned directly to an adult guardian upon meeting with the school personnel.
Parents are urged not to telephone or send text messages to their children during school hours.  All communication should be handled via the school office.  Phone number at Bitely is (626) 307-3318, Office hours are 7:45-4:00